eLearning and Training Materials

How much time can you dedicate to your employees when they first join your company? We are all busy with our hectic schedule and endless matters. Isn’t it nice to have a self-paced learning program to train your employees so you don’t have to set a time to train them for weeks?

Training employees is costly, you need resources such as trainers, a classroom with facilities, and most importantly, your time.

eLearning and training materials are getting popular nowadays to ensure that the skill set of your team grows, whilst every employees still has time for their daily work.

We provide eLearning solutions to customers. There are several ways of getting this done, you provide the technical information, we sort the information out and getting it laid out in user friendly materials, or we can talk to your subject matter expert to work on the information.

Contact sales@goldcat.com.sg to understand how you can have your own training materials now.